Animals on the farm. Gratitude Project

What have you been grateful for this week?

That is what Colline at    asks every week.

Processed with Rookie

I am grateful to have a friend that lives on a small holding.

I am interested in photographing pets and animals.

My friend has a variety of animals.

During the week I had a feast taking photos of the special animals.

Grateful, I am for sure for the opportunity.

Cleo the donkey


Scarlet, Cleo’s mother


Bella the pot belly pig


Twin lambs



Mother sheep


Sonny the rescue Greyhound


And last but not the least

Snoopy the cat



My dear friend and the friendly cat Snoopy.

Hope you enjoyed joining me on my outing.

15 thoughts on “Animals on the farm. Gratitude Project

    1. dankie, ek is regtig dankbaar vir die geleentheid wat ek gehad het. Het vandag vir vriendin n klompie fotos gegee en sy is heel in haar skik


            1. Het al bietjie rondgekyk. Daar is baie in Auckland en nie eintlik in Wellington nie. Spring Festival is die Saterdag en die diere hospitaal gaan fotos neem van troeteldier en die geld vir diere rescue gee.Gaan bietjie kyk wat hul doen daar en wie die fotos neem

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