Rails on a bridge hung with special locks.

Wellington, New Zealand


Different angles

8 responses to “Angular: Weekly Photo Challenge”

  1. Madoqua Avatar

    There is something similar to this on the Seine River in Paris, except that you can barely see the rail any more. I think it is a lovely idea.


    1. scrapydo Avatar

      It is still new so there are many spaces and many years to come for using it!


  2. rondomtaliedraai Avatar

    Jy moet maar ‘n slotjie gaan hang


    1. scrapydo Avatar

      Mens gebruik nie juis meer slotjies nie!


      1. rondomtaliedraai Avatar

        Ek het darem by ou huis ‘n slot aan elke hek gehad


        1. scrapydo Avatar

          Ja, dis daar, hier is dit nie so nodig nie

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  3. nowathome Avatar

    Ek hou hiervan!!


    1. scrapydo Avatar

      Dankie. Elke keer as ek verby die slotte loop wou ek dit afgeneem het. Donderdag was n sonskyndag en my geleentheid het toe opgeduik


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