Blogging 201: Branding and Growth!

Today is the big day!

For two weeks I am going to try to improve my blog.

Day one:

Today’s assignment: consider what you want to accomplish with your blog. Write down three concrete goals you want to achieve. 

This is what I decided on

  1. Work through my own thoughts & experiences, publish and illustrate it with clear photos and information.
  2. Gain 20% more followers by June 2015.
  3. Establish a new weekly feature on my blog(I have started it already in January) and gain more participants by June 2015

Visit :

if you want to know more about Blogging 201


17 responses to “Blogging 201: Branding and Growth!”

  1. It’s been a while since I visited your blog, sorry about that. I will be checking out the new format and maybe I will be inspired to do likewise!


    • No problem. I am the same, time flies! It is worth doing some extra changes and ways. It just takes time!


      • Yes, that is very elusive stuff, time! I have been working on a challenge to improve my French! I did both French and Afrikaans at school, but both have slipped since then! I recently found that my great grandfather was born in France. He was fluent – so now a cousin and I are both determined to be the same!


        • That is very special and good to keep up the languages. I think French is difficult to master. Practice is all that helps. I am still trying to keep my Afrikaans going by doing an Afrikaans post every week. The same with my Dutch – I follow some Dutch blogs too. It all takes a lot of time. For me to put up a piece in writing takes at least 2 hours! I take my hat off to both of you refreshing your French!


  2. Ek voel eintlik verplig om ‘n Engelse inskrywing in Engels te antwoord, maar dan gaan almal sien hoe dom is ek eintlik. 😉

    Scrapy, moet jou nooit blind staar teen die syfers nie. Dit is interessant en vermaaklik, maar dit vertel jou nie regtig veel van die kwaliteit van ‘n blog nie. Blog omdat dit vir jou lekker is en die res sal volg.


    • Ek weet mens antw in die taal wat geskryf is mar hier by my is dit eintlik eerder Afrikaans as Engels. So, moenie komkommer oor die taal nie. Ek doen die Engels omdat ek wil verbeter in die “taal”.
      Syfers is gelukkig nie so belangrik soos om dit te geniet nie. Ek het nou al 3 jaar geblog en steeds is daar maar net die “minimum” volgers. Dit maak nie vir my rerig saak nie. Verlede jaar was n stil jaar vir my. My opvolg blog het nie veel aftrek nie omdat my verwysing of skakel daarheen nie gewerk het nie. Het dit nou reggestel en hoop dit gaan beter werk.


    • Dankie jong, ek is mos maar n ou wat myself onderskat. Ek is juis besig om te lees oor hoe mens se innerlike onderdruk word deur voorgesegde opvoeding.(Dis nou die ou manier van onderwyser/ouer wat se:Ek weet alles en jy moet doen soos ek se.)

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