Naked Ladies are in bloom!


The beginning of the past week I saw that the


started opening their pretty flowers.

This morning I took these photos.

Aren’t they beautiful?

So delicate.


Naked ladies (Amaryllis belladonna) have an unusual manner of providing summer flowers. After the winter-growing leaves have died down for summer dormancy, in late summer, a bloom stalk of fragrant pink flowers emerges and blooms without leaves, or naked. The best time to plant naked lady is while the bulb is dormant.

The green strap-shaped leaves of naked lady make a significant clump of foliage in the garden in winter and spring, but then they die down. About six to eight weeks later, the flower stalks start to emerge, growing to about 20 inches tall. Each stalk can have up to 12 flowers in a cluster. Flower color is usually a soft pink, although color variations from white to deep pink occur. The large, rounded brown bulbs produce smaller bulbs over time to form a large clump of plants. Old bulbs can be the size of a grapefruit. The plant is dormant during the summer, both before and after blooming. The leaves grow when winter rains break the dormancy. The best time to work with the plant for division or planting is during its dormant periods.


12 responses to “Naked Ladies are in bloom!”

  1. Te lieflik Ineke! Jou blomfotos bly uitstekend, jy moet n tuinboek daarmee illustreer! Ag, en as jy ooit weer aan hierdie kant van die Indiese Oseaan kom kuier, ruim tog n week in om ons tuin ook te kom aanspreek, asseblief?


    • Baie dankie vir die kompliment Wat die tuin betref – my eie tuin is nie vel nie want daar is ne plek nie Ek gebruik maar ander se harde werk! Ek is net n onkruiduittrekker ha ha

      Liked by 1 person

    • They just were there on Monday morning. Wonder what they think about the weather. Hot, dry, cold, rainy


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