Orange. Weekly Photo Challenge: Daily post

Time for another multi-photo challenge! Wow us with punchy pops of orange. Says Michelle at


12 responses to “Orange. Weekly Photo Challenge: Daily post”

  1. Jinne – maar julle fotogeniese ouens kan die mooiste fotos uitruk! I like.


    1. Bly jy hou daarvan.Dankie vir jou mooi woorde


    1. Dankie! Moes grawe vir n paar oranjes

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  2. Glorious flowers and an excellent gallery altogether: the excavator/building site is an interesting addition. Orange is such a vibrant colour which always makes me think of midsummer.


    1. Thanks! The excavator was on show and they had contest between them to pick up and dig in certain time


  3. ‘n pragtige versameling foto’s


  4. Oranje is so ‘n tronk kleur. 😉 Ek hou van die oranje botterblomme en oranje rose.


    1. Dit is nogal so noudat jy die se. Bly jy hou van my blommetjies


  5. Ek se dit weer; jou blomfotos is uit die boonste rakke Ineke!


    1. Baie dankie vir die kompliment!

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