Friendship Friday: Visiting a farm

Friendship Friday


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From the start my Japanese student wanted to see sheep.

I have a friend living on a small holding and

we visited her to meet the animals.

Cats, sheep, 1 pig, 2 donkeys and lots of ducks.

First up was the sheep. It is still one of the two lambs I have photographed a while ago.

It is nearly fully grown but still loves  her bottle.

(not milk but only water!)

My student did not like the idea of feeding the donkeys.

My friend asked her to help her brush them but that was way to dusty for her!

She thoroughly enjoyed the outing although the sand flies have bitten her  on her naked feet and legs!

16 responses to “Friendship Friday: Visiting a farm”

  1. Klink ‘n lekker uitstappie en mooi foto’s Bly sy tot Donderdag?


    1. Was lekker, sy vlieg Woensdagoggend vroeg

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      1. Ag dis jammer dis so kort. Doen hulle die kursus net een keer ‘n jaar?


      2. Ja, Dis ook maar die tweede jaar dat hul kursus aanbied.


  2. It must be very interesting and rewarding to have a student like that.


    1. Interesting indeed. I learned a lot about their ways and also how different their culture is from mine.


      1. I wanted to have students living here as well, but our house is not that big. Our children still come home every weekend, and for the moment my son is staying here for some months. But when they have moved out permanently – I will try this.


        1. It is worth it. It is very interesting to see how they expand their language and vision also

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  3. Ek het mos gesê Japanese is maar ‘n vreemde nasie. Wie hou nou nie van ‘n donkie nie? Duidelik is daar iets groots verkeerd. 😉


    1. Ha ha sal maar nie daarop antwoord nie. Sy het dit darem geniet al het die sandvlooie haar goed gebyt!


  4. Hiehie. KLink nie of jou student veel van plaaslewe ken nie. Oulike fotos. Sy lyk ook baie gaaf en vriendelik.


    1. Nee wat, regte dorpsjapie. Sy was maar grillerig om lam se bottel te gee. Donkies het sy nie eers aan geraak nie. Eende se droë voer was ok. Sy is n oulike meisiekind

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  5. Happy Friendship Friday to you – what a fun trip, I thoroughly enjoyed the pics! 🙂


    1. Thank you for comment and visit.


  6. A lovely experience for her!


    1. She is such a lovely girl, and she appreciates everything I do for her


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