Happy days! FFfAW of 04-01-2015

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Everything is quiet. The big circus tent is empty except…..

Outstretched in the middle of the arena is someone. His face, colored in red, blue and white. Coco the clown. He is so exhausted after the nights performance. He can hardly get up but has a big smile on his face. Happiness shines from his watery blue eyes. He feels so happy he could go on dancing forever.

Coco was a lonely old man most of his adult life. He loved to make people happy and let them laugh. This evening was not different. He started his performance as usual. Suddenly he saw the young mother with her disabled son in the front row. They were thoroughly  enjoying the performance. After some minutes Coco realized, it was his daughter and grandson. The thought at first overwhelmed him but then he let go and gave it his all.

After the show they waited for him and they were going to come back and visit him the next day.

Now, the only thing Coco can do is wait for tomorrow. No  matter how tired he feels now. Tomorrow  is going to be the best day of his life.

15 thoughts on “Happy days! FFfAW of 04-01-2015

  1. Ahh, that is so sweet! I love it. Coco is going to see his daughter and grandson and I imagine he hasn’t seen his daughter in a very long time and probably never has seen his grandson. I love happy endings. Nicely done!


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