FFfAW 4-8-2015 : Through the window.

I first thought of not writing this time.

I had a look at the photo and here it goes.

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Through the window

Here I am, waiting again for the follow up episode of suspense.

Yesterday was a really bad day. I was sitting right here. Looking out the window as we are doing just now.

I was listening to the lovely sound of the wind chimes. I love the sound, it is like angels playing a tinkling tune. Suddenly another noise was coming from the left side. A humming noise. Louder and louder till…..

I saw them. They were green and sparkling. They had these feelers on their heads. Their eyes were flashing red. It looked as if they were going to float right through the window. I sat nailed to my chair. They put a written sign against the window saying: We will be back tomorrow!

This is why I called you. I want you to see them and tell my daughter that they were really here.

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12 thoughts on “FFfAW 4-8-2015 : Through the window.

  1. If she’s imagining little aliens knocking on her window, the poor woman’s either massively overtired or seriously in need of help. I wonder if the daughter knows about her mother’s strange turns? You make the wind chimes sound delightful. Nice story, Scrapydo.


  2. I was wondering if it was all in her mind or if it really happened. Excellent Scrapydo2! I could picture these alien beings buzzing to her window and putting up a sign! Poor woman if she is imagining this stuff.


    1. Dankie jong. Ek was gladnie in die “mood” om te skryf nie. Die aanbieder vra toe of ek gaan skryf toe dink ek maar om iets te doen. Gaan jy vir Toeka Tokkel bietjie diere gee met so bietjie lyf by?(Hoop so!)

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