FFfAW Week of 4-15-2015 : Off to Paradise : (follow-up of 100 words challenge for grown ups 148)

Thank you to pixabay.com for your public use photos and our prompt photo.

(This is a follow up on yesterdays 100 words challenge for grown ups no 148)

Jack helped Spock to pull Anne out of the water. At the same time the police and ambulance turned up. The paramedics stabilized Anne. They suspected that she might have taken an overdose of something. Off they went to the nearest hospital. Jack took Spock home  and gave him a special meal.Jack took Spock with him to visit Anne the next day. Jack had seen Anne many times on TV on the catwalk. He felt for her after seeing her so vulnerable and wet.

Anne was very glad to see Spock her saver, and the handsome Jack. They had a long chat about the “why”of the way she wanted to end her life.

The next day Jack picked Anne up and told her he had a surprise. He took Anne and Spock to the harbour and boarded a boat. Late afternoon they could see the most beautiful sight. An island, lush with growth. Very romantic. A real paradise. The three were dropped off in a small rowing boat.

Just the three of them in Paradise.

Love bloomed.

181 words

Visit the following blog for more information on this challenge  https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2015/04/14/fffaw-week-of-4-15-2015/


Author: scrapydo2.wordpress.com

Retired teacher interested in anything crafty: Scrap booking, card making, quilting, knitting etc. Everything about animals especially DOGS

17 thoughts on “FFfAW Week of 4-15-2015 : Off to Paradise : (follow-up of 100 words challenge for grown ups 148)”

  1. Even before reading the first part of this story, I picked up what happened. How sad that she attempted to end her life, but how fortunate that when everything fell apart, new opportunities came. It wasn’t too late.


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