Lone pigeon : FFfAW week of 4-22-2015

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The train gone. The lonely pigeon waiting for the next one.

I sat waiting for 1:05 am train to start the home journey from Wellington back to Upper Hutt. The train doors open, a message inside saying: No eating or drinking inside.

A pigeon came hopping along. Hopping, because it had no feet! No feet but still looking for some morsels to eat.

How did it survive till now? Were its feet amputated by some waste that we, as humans love to just throw away? Was it born without feet or did a rat eat its feet while still young? Questions churning.

In the meantime, the pigeon happily hopped  into the train. Another pigeon came along. It also jumped into the train, chasing my special pigeon out.  I started wondering: From where is this pigeon? Where is its place to rest during the night? Is it a safe place?

In our lives it is important  to know that we have a safe place to go to. I am so glad I could take the train back home where I am safe.  Out of  the elements of nature. Not like this poor pigeon always  on the look out for people and other situations that can harm it.


16 responses to “Lone pigeon : FFfAW week of 4-22-2015”

  1. You have written this with real feeling, giving us a sense of the plight of that poor bird. I see from comments above that it’s a true story. Human waste can be so damaging to many animals and birds – even fish in rivers and seas. Thought-provoking story, Ineke. 🙂


    • Thank you for your lovely comment. I have taken a photo of the mentioned pigeon and written about it for my “It’s write Easy” group that is why I used it when I saw the lonely pigeon on the platform. 🙂


  2. It’s so sad when we see pigeons with stubs, that really affects us. They say that they have been stucked in a net, but also hair of people and pieces of fabric can constrict their little feet, or sometimes they’re frozen. Poor pigeons 😦 Loved your muse, Scrapydo. Pawkisses for the Weekend 🙂 ❤


    • This is for real. I sat waiting for the train to depart and it was interesting to see this pigeon hopping along. I hated it when the other one followed this one just to chase it away . Enjoy your weekend too. It’s getting could at night here! Trompie sleeps under his blanket(unusual for him!)


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