Lost and found : Picture it and Write

Ermilia at https://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/2015/04/26/picture-it-write-59/

invites everybody on a Sunday to do some writing. She gives a picture/photo which you must use to form your story.


Image found on Pinterest,

Betty was laying on her back. Arms and legs spread out, eyes closed. She was so tired. She had been walking in circles all day. There was no way out of the labyrinth of trees and shrubs.

“What must I do?” she thought, wondering how she was going to find her way out.

She breathed in and out, in and out. Calming down the exhaustion.

Betty could feel something or someone watching her. Slowly, she opened her eyes, just a little bit.. She looked up. Amazed she held her breath! Right above her, on a leave, she could see the tiniest toes and fingers. Also a tiny eye peeking back at her over the leaves edge. It was the smallest most perfect human figure Betty had ever seen. It started to wave its hand showing Betty to be quiet and follow it.

Betty was in total disbelieve.

She stood up held out her hand and a tiny fairy jumped onto her hand…….

166 words.



Author: scrapydo2.wordpress.com

Retired teacher interested in anything crafty: Scrap booking, card making, quilting, knitting etc. Everything about animals especially DOGS

10 thoughts on “Lost and found : Picture it and Write”

  1. It’s amazing to think what you might see if you lie down beneath a tree! There’s lots of fairies in the wood, I’m told. I wonder if they’re all as friendly as your little one? Lovely little story. 🙂


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