Off with her head…. Monday finish the story

Mondays Finish the Story – May 4th, 2015

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story begins with:
“After losing her head, she realized that the rest of her body was falling apart!”

What an awful feeling. She had a throbbing headache after she executed her favourite doll.

“Pink love, my lovely doll! How could you do this to me?” Rachel was thinking back to yesterday.

When she came home, her love doll was in the arms of her best friend. Without a word Rachel grabbed the doll. Put it on the table. She picked up her mother’s big sharp knife.

Shouted: “ Off with her head!”

Whoosh… and the head went to the floor. Rolling, rolling and rolling till it stopped in front of her friends feet.

Rachel pulled the rest of the doll apart.

She saw the doll in pieces and started crying. Rachel’s friend went over and put her arms around her when she realized that it was Rachel that was falling apart because of her experience with her parents…

Mondays Finish the Story


22 responses to “Off with her head…. Monday finish the story”

    • That is very true. Sometimes afterward you can’t think that you could do something like that. Good friends are treasures. Thanks for the comment and reading my writing!


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