Under the rainbow : Sunday Photo Fiction

Every Sunday a new photo is added as a prompt to see what kind of a story the image inspires in you. You should make your story / poem etc around 200 words, but don’t worry, you won’t be sent to clean Glastonbury or dunked in ice cold water if you go over the count. The main thing is to enjoy what you write and write what you enjoy.


104 05 May 10th 2015

Grandpa Sam was standing outside watching the rain passing by. A full rainbow appeared in the dark sky. He was blown away by the beauty of it.

“Sammy and Vicky! Come and have a look!” Sam summoned the two children.

Excited they joined him.

“Wow, look at that colourful rainbow,” they shrieked.

“ We have to get into the car and see if we can find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” Grams said.

“Really grandpa! Gold for real?” the children yelled.

“Yes, and did you know that if you pass under the rainbow, boys turn to girls and girls turn to boys?”

“No, that is not true! Are you sure Gramps?”

“Yes for sure, let’s jump in the car, pick up the gold and turn you two around!”

“No, never. I don’t want to be a boy.” Vicky’s lip started trembling.

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