Another duck tale… FFfAW week of 05-13-2015

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 5-13-2015

Duck’s eye of few:

The river is full after days of heavy rain. The duck family escaped the flood at the moment. They are looking for a way out.

Suzy duck, told this family to come and live with them in a quiet pond.. As always, it is better to be with the familiar than moving to an unknown place. Now it is too late. They don’t know in which direction to go. The  flood was on top of them before they could reach safety. They are stranded in an unknown place. What must they do? Start flying or stay here on the path?

Hunter’s eye of view:

Lucky me! Now I can show my friends what I can do with a shotgun. Take aim, pull the trigger! Bhawa!

Off they are! All of them!

Lucky for the ducks this time, not for the hunter.

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17 responses to “Another duck tale… FFfAW week of 05-13-2015”

  1. A great escape for the ducks ~ A really good take on the prompt. Sad about floods in any form, so destructive! ~ Have a good weekend Scrapydotwo 🙂


  2. I imagine this story was inspired by the recent dreadful floods in your area, Scrapydo? Well, it worked very effectively. 🙂 Sometimes the plight of wildlife gets overlooked after such diasasters and I like the way you highlight the plight of the ducks in your story. The hunter aspect gives us pause for thought, too. On this occasion he was not successful, but I’m sure there are many occasions when the huntsman comes out tops. Nice little, thought-provokong story. 🙂

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    • Yes, even people got caught in the floods. A 80 year man drown because his car got swept away and he could not get out in time. I also don’t like the duck shooting season which starts at the 1st of May every year. There are so many ducks that they have to do it!

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      • It’s never pleasant to hear of deaths from any natural disaster and my sympathy goes to the man’s family. I know how you feel about shooting the ducks, but I suppose it’s necessary.

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  3. That is sad that the ducks got lost and couldn’t find their way back to the other ducks but thank goodness that the hunters missed their marks! Lucky day for ducks! Great story Scrapydo2!!


    • Yes, it duck shooting season at the moment. They are killed in heaps. Sad but such is life there are too many


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