Cloudy next day: One Word Photo Challenge


I have to put up the clouds of this morning after

yesterdays heavy downpours.

They expect more heavy rain this afternoon and tonight.

I took the clouds the same places as yesterday.

It is nearly 12:00 am and the rain is back!

9 responses to “Cloudy next day: One Word Photo Challenge”

  1. Ek wens ons kon bietjie reen kry!Mooi foto’s ,soos gewoonlik.


    1. Dankie! Tina het ook gewens vir n bietjie reën daar by haar. Hier is dit winterreën so ons reëntyd lê voor. Ons het n baie droë somer gehad

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      1. Jy is seker pas wakker.My oge brand en smag om te gaan slaap! LOL


        1. Ja het al met Trompie geloop en gaan nou regmaak vir my lang loop! Nou 9 uur oggend Lekker slaap

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  2. I love seeing the difference in the sky. Still cloudy but the colors have completely changed. Smart to shoot in the same place 🙂 I log the fog effect of the low clouds in front of the trees.


    1. Yes I thought it shows the difference in how heavy the clouds were and how they were supposed to be!:)

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