Cloudy : One word photo Challenge

This week’s topic is Cloudy!

To participate:


Today was an extra cloudy day.

Rain, rain, rain.

Flooding, flooding, flooding

From my front door

From my front door

Back left

Back left

Back more to the right

Back more to the right

From my back deck

From my back deck

These clouds brought heavy torrential rain to lower parts of the North Island. Both State High Ways were closed due to slips and flooding. It is still raining heavily – 8:40 pm.

I have not seen the Hutt River as full as it is at the moment.

Luckily I live higher up the hill. The river won’t reach me.

Transport options as Wellington region is paralysed by slips and flooding gallery video

16 thoughts on “Cloudy : One word photo Challenge

  1. Wys vir my man jou mooi fotos van die poskaart waarin jy bly. Rukkie later sê ek hom van die vloed….. sy kommentaar; dinge in ‘n poskaart kan ook verkeerd gaan.


    1. Thank you for support, this morning looks better! I could go for a dry walk this morning! We had two weeks rain in one day! It is usually not that much when it rains.

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