My “postcard” world

Yesterday was just one of those days.

After all the rain the day before

yesterday was still very overcast but

the scenes were awesome!

Just a glimpse of where I live!

Just beautiful
Just beautiful

Twin lakes in color.

Just look at the clear reflection!

MaGascall  Twin lakes
MaGascall Twin lakes

20 responses to “My “postcard” world”

  1. Ek het jou mos gesê jy bly in ‘n poskaart 🙂 Pragtig!!!


    1. Ja, dit is so. Dankie


  2. You are so right – the views look like postcards! Beautiful.


  3. You live in a beautiful place… Nature is always with you! 🙂


    1. True! I only have to get out of my door and it is there. 😀

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      1. How fortunate you are… I live in a jungle of cemented structures, paved trailways with smog as mists, power cables and wirings as vines, and buildings as trees and mountains. Aaargh!


        1. I know I am in a lively spot!

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  4. Beautiful pictures


    1. I agree, can’t stop saying thank you for living here


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