Hats : Travel Theme

Aren’t hats fabulous? I think the world would be a much better place if we all wore hats more often. Are you ready to throw your hat into the ring with your own interpretation of this week’s theme? If you would like to join in (everyone’s welcome!)

That is what Ailsa says at





A tam o’ shanter (in the British military often abbreviated TOS or tam) is a 19th-century traditional Scottish bonnet worn by men. It is named after Tam o’ Shanter, the eponymous hero of the poem by Robert Burns, of 1790.

The tam, or tam cap, became a fashionable women’s accessory from the early 1920s and was derived from the tam o’ shanter. It followed the trends for closer fitting hats and for borrowing from men’s fashion


14 responses to “Hats : Travel Theme”

  1. ‘n Hoed kan ‘n slegte haarstyl lekker verberg!


    1. Ha ha beslis! Seuns sit n beany op as hul nie hul hare gekam het nie!


  2. Ek hou daarvan om ‘n hoed te dra!


    1. Ek ook. Mens voel aangetrek as mens een op het. 🙂

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  3. Die vrou sin lyk soos ‘n kussinkie


  4. Hats are greatt on some people, but I just can’t seem to find any that suit me. One of my daughters looks super in any hat, so she doesn’t take after me! Thank you for the reminder aabout the lovely tam caps, Scrapydo. I hadn’t thought about those for years.


    1. I also love hats. Usually big ones. I have a hat my son hates, it is a denim material real floppy hat which I used when gardening. I brought it with me and I am going to wear it one day just to spite him!

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      1. Get your son to take a photo of you in the hat, then you can show us all! I’d love to see you wearing it. 😀


        1. Ha ha I think he will take it away from me and burn it!


  5. Hats are fabulous!! I love them.


    1. I also love hats, makes you feel well dressed isn’t it?


  6. Party mense lyk net mooi in ‘n hoed, en ander soos ek, lyk soos ‘n voëlverskrikker 😯 Deel van my rebelsheid rondom kerk was die hoed.


    1. Dis waar, tog lyk party mense heel elegant met n hoed op. Ek was spyt dat hul die hoede gelos het op einde. Ek het daarvan gehou om Sondae my hoed op te sit kerk toe!

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