New life : Monday finish the story – May 18, 2015

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story begins with:  “The crew of the Angel Flame received orders to head out.”

Jack had to hurry up to board the submarine. They were on their way!

Two days ago Jack had a phone call from Anne informing him that she could not marry him. No explanation, nothing. He felt helpless and sad. It felt as if the whole world had given way under him.

He thought of taking his own life but first went to the pub. At that moment captain Todd was recruiting sailors.  Two  of his old hands had the flu. Jack explained to Todd that he could navigate a ship. Deal done!

Jack had to take Spock to the kennels. He arranged that his sister would pick Spock up and look after him. Jack quickly threw some underwear, t-shirts and shorts in a plastic bag and off he went.

To hell with Anne!

147 words

Mondays Finish the Story

15 responses to “New life : Monday finish the story – May 18, 2015”

    • Yes , I think he may as well meet a female sailor and the can sail off away from the past. Spock with them too.


  1. What better way to turn around your life! So much for Anne! I hope he has some great adventures with Captain Todd! Nicely done Scrapydo! Thanks for writing for the MFtS challenge, and be well. Hope to see you again on the upcoming challenge… ^..^


  2. How sad that his fiance broke up with him! It’s good he went to the Pub because he didn’t kill himself. I hope his new sailing adventure is a good one! Great story Scrapydotwo!


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