Frosty morning!

Wow, and was it cold and so

beautiful this morning!

Yesterday we had the first snow on the hills.

The cold snap and

an icy Southerly brought  hard frost to us.

When I took Trompie out last night at about 10 pm frost was already on the grass and cars!

This morning I had to take photos to show how it looked.

13 responses to “Frosty morning!”

  1. Sprokiesagtig.


    1. Dis beslis so! Dink net die feetjies sal hul warm jassies moet aantrek! 😀


  2. Wow sommer skielik
    Pragtige foto’s


    1. Met reg gesê oornag!


  3. Ek is mal oor daardie eerste foto van die malvablaar.


    1. Ja, ek stem! As mens daarna kyk is dit die fynste spikkeltjies ys.


  4. A hard frost may not suit us humans a great deal, but how wonderful the landscape looks beneath its embrace. Beautiful photos! 🙂


    1. Yes, it is important to to have this frost to keep nature clean. It is really beautiful outside all covered in frost

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  5. Brrrr…. dit lyk koud!


    1. Dit kan jy weer sê! Ek trek dik aan met handskoene en n mus!


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