Beach Benches: Sunday Photo Fiction

A line of benches overlooking the sea

“Grandma! Look at all the benches!” Little Sally shouted in excitement, jumping up and down, pulling at her grandmother’s dress.

“Why are they all in one row? Why are there so many? Why….”

“Sally, calm down my dear! Stop asking all those questions. I’ll to tell you why they are here. They are very special to me!” Grandma sat down on the first bench and told Sally to come and sit next to her.

“You know my dear girl, 30 years ago whales would visit our bay. Many people waited on the shore to see them. Grandpa and I were  watching all these people milling around one day.  ‘Benches’ Grandpa thought. He proudly made each one of them by hand. The council put a little plaque with his name and date on it. Look at the middle one!” Sally ran off. “If Grandpa could only be here once more to see his grandchild and the benches!”

158 words



Retired teacher interested in anything crafty: Scrap booking, card making, quilting, knitting etc. Everything about animals especially DOGS

11 thoughts on “Beach Benches: Sunday Photo Fiction”

  1. Scrapy, I waned to let you know that when I was trying to leave my comment earlier, it took me FOUR trys to post it. Everytime I would push “Post Comment” it would roll me down to the theme and force me to view the theme. I was getting very frustrated. I sure wish they wouldn’t do that to us.


    1. I’ll have a look. It happened to me too yesterday . I just could not post my comment. I went to my reader and answered it there. Later on it was all okay again!

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