On the way: The Daily post: Photo Challenge.



Going for a lovely cup of Devon-shire tea with scones.

A cock cock-a-doodling!


Some hens and a white pigeon are his family!

Looking up at the window!


Mr Sparrow picking up something from the table and then on his way again!


Path back to the car!


16 thoughts on “On the way: The Daily post: Photo Challenge.

    1. Ja, die kapokkies is karaktertjies op hul eie. Ons het vroeër n swart haantjie met twee hennetjies gehad. Kokkie het saans as son sak in sitkamer op bank se leuning reggemaak vir die aand! Hy het altyd probeer om die hennetjies te oortuig om saam te kom maar hul wou net nie. Eintlik te kostelik soos hy hul uitnooi.


        1. Nou vat jy die kiepie in sy gesig. Hul is regtig elk met n eie persoonlikheid. Hy wou ook nie alleen op leuning sit nie, mens moes by hom sit dan kom nestel hy teen jou en gesels aanmekaar met jou!


  1. I think most cockerels look a bit grumpy. It’s such a hard life strutting around, keeping an eye on those hens, you know. lol. Nice pictures, and i love your first two lines of text. 🙂

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    1. True about the cock specially because there are two. They keep an eye on each other too! Glad you enjoyed the visit! 😀


    1. The cock looks a bit grumpy. I won’t go near him but the hens are friendly. The sparrow on the table was very demanding. He just came back for more. v..V

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