FFfAW Week of 06/03/2015


Eight happy looking young campers! As you can see they look very content. Not for long!

These teenagers went out on a bush camp with their tutor.They played a bad trick on the tutor this morning.

A rescue helicopter had to pick the tutor up and took him to the nearby hospital. He had broken both his legs and was in a lot of pain. This does not look and sound good.

One of the rescue team guided the boys back to base camp.

They were happily joking about the situation and what happened this morning.  I wonder how they will react when the local police interview them one by one!

What is going to happen to them? Are they going to be locked up?

The boys were supposed to return to base camp after a week of camping. They are all alone and on their own now.

152 words

29 thoughts on “FFfAW Week of 06/03/2015

  1. An appropriate ending for such a rowdy group of boys. Let’s see how long they last out there alone at base camp. Great story, Scrapydo!


    1. Yes, I think they will come to their senses after a day or two in jail with nobody to bail them out.


  2. Hi Scrapydotwo! You probably know by now that I like to stop by occasionally and express my appreciation to those who regularly contribute to the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge. I look forward to reading your stories each week and I’m sure they others do as well. Thank you for your continued friendship and loyalty!


    1. You are always welcome. Thank you for coming up with a different picture each week. I enjoy participating. Keep it going and coming my friend! 😀

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  3. Ah, but perhaps this was a training exercise, to see what to do when something bad ‘really’ happens? Perhaps no-one really got hurt and the youngsters were pleased with what they had seen and learnt?


    1. Could be like that(I hope so anyway) I’ll still think about it how to go with it.


  4. Not a very nice group of boys, are they? To laugh when someone is in so much pain because of their trick is really awful. They need someone to teach them a lesson. It isn’t as though they’re too young to understand, either. I really hope this isn’t a true story, Scrapydo.


    1. Not a real story at all (Shows how your emotional state opens the way for a bad story). All made up. It can go to the bad or the good side of the whole story.

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        1. I love it to use my imagination. Did not know I could have so much fun. It just flows as soon as I am concentrating on the given picture!


  5. They sound like a group of psychopaths! I agree with Hester, to laugh about their leader breaking both legs is downright evil. I hope the police scare some sense into these boys! Great story Scrapydo2! I would like to know more.


    1. Yes, sometimes kids can do bad things and then laugh about it. The police is going to give them a good shake up.

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    1. Die storie het nog n storie ook ha ha. Skryf dit eers op rof as mens dit so kan noem. Copy dit en paste dit in my pos. Toe ek gister copy moes ek seker delete gedruk het. Daar was niks oor van my oorspronklike skrywe! Met Trompie n ent gaan loop en toe weer geskryf! Moes gesien het daar is iets aan die broei! 🙂


        1. Ek wou ook eers sommer opgee maar besluit toe terwyl ek die storie in my kop het moet ek maar deurdruk en sorg dat dit nie weer gebeur nie

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  6. Is this a true story Scrapy? Playing that kind of joke is bad enough, but laughing about it afterwards is downright evil.


    1. No, it is all fiction. Shows in which dark mood I was when I wrote this. Youngsters can be very rude when they are in a group.

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