Sad adventure: FFfAW: Week of 06-17-2015

This week’s photo prompt is provided by ©pricelessjoy.

Unbelievable! How can people do a thing like this to me and my project?

I am a volunteer.

I have five horses.

I take unprivileged children on bush trips using my horses.

These kids have nothing in life to look forward to, only weekends when they come to me and have lots of fun. I teach them how to look after the horses. They ride on them when we go out for  lessons on nature. These kids love the animals. They also love to be out in nature.

This morning when the kids were all here we wanted to saddle the horses to go for our ride.

Alas! No bridles, no saddles, nothing.

Everything stolen!

How can people do a thing like this, not only to me but the kids too?

Please those who took the gear, please bring it back. I need it to make these kids happy!

16 responses to “Sad adventure: FFfAW: Week of 06-17-2015”

  1. It is just so sad when something like this happens!


    1. Yes, I know! You can’t do anything about it


  2. There are thieves everywhere, and probably always will be, Scrapydo, as we all know. It’s even sadder when the theft renders needy children without something that makes their lives so much better – if only for a while. I’m really sorry to hear that it’s a true story.
    (I got back from Wales earlier today. It was the first time I’d looked on Amazon for a week! I really can’t thank you enough for the great review. I knew it was you from your initials – which are on your email address on WP. I’m over the moon that you liked the book. Thank you so much!)


    1. You are welcome! I really enjoyed the second one even more than the first. I think it is because I knew the background of the characters better. Now for the third one! Looking forward to it too.
      My story happened for real. I feel like doing something to those thieves.(it was on the news here)

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      1. I am so grateful for the wonderful review. I have a lot to live up to with Book 3 now. Many, many thanks.
        I can imagine how you feel about the thieves, too. It’s hard to believe there are people like that.

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  3. Dit klink soos ‘n Suid-Afrikaanse verhaal.. 😆


    1. Is nogal so. Hier is dit gelukkig net n enkele een of twee voorvalle en nie n aanhoudende ding soos daar nie.


  4. mmmmm … lekker lieg jy … geen perde vir jou Jy het dit sekerlik gedroom.


    1. Nee wat, nou vat jy my in my gesig ha ha! Dit het regtig gebeur – gelukkig nie met my nie maar steeds was dit waar. Was op nuus gewees!

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  5. That’s truly sad that someone would steal the horses saddles and bridles! And now the children can’t ride! 😦 The one thing they looked forward to! You said this is a true story and that makes it even sadder.


  6. How sad! Nicely written


      1. Oh that’s sad, very sorry to know that


        1. Yes, what can you do when tings like that happen.? !


          1. Well, it’s really sad. Can’t do much. I really wish it doesn’t happen again:)

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