Photo 101, Day Thirteen: Moment and motion

Chery says

Our lives are made up of big events and tiny moments. Ultimately, life is fleeting, and oftentimes it’s these small moments, this motion, that we love to document.


Kiss, kiss!

Bobbie kissing my son!


This is heaven!
This is heaven!

16 responses to “Photo 101, Day Thirteen: Moment and motion”

  1. Pragtige foto Bobbie stap ook aan in jare


    1. Ja, ek dink hy gaan al na 18 jaar as ek reg onthou

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      1. Ja sy sê hy het al erg rumatiek


        1. Ek onthou nog goed toe sy hom gekry het. Dit teler was in Potties en sy het hom eers vir my kom wys toentertyd

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  2. A lovely photo, Scraydo, and one to cherish. Bobbie and your son are obviously very close. 🙂


    1. Thank you! It is my sisters dog. It shows much more that animals(dogs) just love my son and he also has a soft spot for animals!

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      1. Your son must be a lovely person. Animals are shrewd judges of character.


        1. I agree, he is this tall skinny young man but a real soft and loving person.

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          1. And a real credit to you. ❤

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  3. You caught the moment!


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