Photo 101, Day Sixteen : Treasure and close up

Michelle W says:

Today’s Tip: Get close to your subject — either use the zoom function in your camera, if it has one, or physically move closer to it.

This is my


close up!

Trompie my TREASURE
Trompie my TREASURE

I was standing below him.

Lighting isn’t that good but it still shows him watching me.

Trompie, looking at me
Trompie, looking at me



Retired teacher interested in anything crafty: Scrap booking, card making, quilting, knitting etc. Everything about animals especially DOGS

15 thoughts on “Photo 101, Day Sixteen : Treasure and close up”

  1. Oulikste foto’s van oulikste hond.My tweetjies is so pas geskeer en hulle lyk alte verskriklik.Ek weet nie wat vandag met die skeerders aangegaan het nie!Gelukkig groei die hare darem weer!


    1. Hele storie geskryf en woerts weg is dit! Trompie is geskeer deur n vrou wat eerste keer Schnauzie geskeer het. Sy het afgeskeer waqt nie moet af. Soos jy se dit groei gelukkig weer Ek skryf by n vriendin se huis, pas haar honde op haar man het n beroerte gehad Nou sukkel ek met nuwe omstandighede

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  2. Great photos! Cute dog! My dog is my greatest treasure, too, but I figured I have already posted way too many photos of him for the time being, so I chose something else for the assignment.

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    1. Thank you, I do not really use my dog on this blog because he has his own blog and I don’t want to put him off by publishing his photo here(I’m joking!)

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