Photo 101, Day Seventeen: Glass, squares

Taking photos through glass gives a different way of showing objects or gives an interesting point of view of the object.


From the inside
From the inside
From the outsde
From the outside

10 responses to “Photo 101, Day Seventeen: Glass, squares”

  1. Mooi Ek hou van die kleure
    Hoe gaan dit met jou vriendin se man?


    1. Kon eintlik nie kies nie want daar is baie glas goedjies! Hy is stabiel en in beroerte saal. Was n groot bloedklont wat nogal skade gedoen het. Hy moet weer leer om te loop, om koppie tee te maak ens. Sy brein werk egter nog goed want hy wil net opstaan en huistoe gaan

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      1. Ai dis jammer om te hoor Sulke mense het baie versorging nodig


        1. Ja, en hul kinders bly vêr Een in Australië ander in Doebaai of Spanje

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          1. Dit gaan ‘n swaar tyd wees.


  2. Looks great! Somehow greens and blues always win with glass


    1. Thanks, True green and blues are outstanding colors


  3. Great to play around with glass! Interesting outcome!


    1. I have many more could hardly make my pick! This is all at my friends house

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