Photo 101, Day Twenty: Triumph and Contrast

Krista says: Triumph comes in all shapes and sizes:

Today’s Tip: Triumph usually denotes drama of some sort, no matter whether it’s big or small. Playing with contrast is a great way to enhance your photos for a more dramatic effect.

Drama in these two photos shows how an early

misty morning looked on yesterday.

Looks as if taken in black and white-

not at all was full color in landscape.

Wider view of foggy morning
Wider view of foggy morning
Little bit more zoomed in
Little bit more zoomed in

Triumph for me because I was early enough to take these lovely photos.

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12 responses to “Photo 101, Day Twenty: Triumph and Contrast”

  1. Beautiful morning photo! I love the one more cropped because it sends my eyes to the view behind the trees. I am currently in Florida without a computer. I captured some sunset photos also that look bnw just because of the light. So lovely!

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    • Thanks, this was absolutely beautiful. The whole atmosphere was quiet and peaceful. Just felt near nature and my Maker

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    • Dit was net absoluut pragtig. Die mistigheid, die son wat nog nie uit is nie het gemaak dat dit besonders was


    • Baie dankie, dit was so mooi om te sien. Toe ek die fotos aflaai het ek eers gesien hoe besonders die fotos was. Wys elke vlak van die omgewing en dan nog in selhouet ook

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    • Thank you! I did not take it in black and white it just showed up like it in the photo. The sun wasn’t out yet and it was very foggy.


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