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grocery store aisle

What am I going to do? I need to find the precious healing “moetie”.

This shop is supposed to have it. I can’t find it!…

Must I ask the shop lady? I don’t want to because then the witch doctor’s followers  will find me again.

The old witch told me to make haste and find the human fingers. If I bring it to her she would tell me if Stephen, my brother, is still alive and save. She needs the fingers for her own medicine too.

Wait a minute! What is this?

Yes, yes, it has to be the right one. Let me have a look. The invaders cut off both his little fingers. There are two fingers in here.  Now to quickly pay and hurry back to the witch without anyone seeing me.

Oh no, there they are! I need to get out of here…….

word count: 149




Retired teacher interested in anything crafty: Scrap booking, card making, quilting, knitting etc. Everything about animals especially DOGS

16 thoughts on “Found it! Picture it and write.”

  1. This story ties in very well with the conversation we had recently on my post about body snatchers. It’s all very gruesome, and I liked the way you brought in about ‘moetie’ from the prompt. It’s hard to believe that practices like this go on, though I know they do.


    1. Yes, that’s still how it goes in Africa( I twisted it a bit by finding it in a shop. It’s supposed to be a special dark small hidden shop!)


      1. It’s a dreadful thought, body parts in a shop, no matter what kind of shop it is. At least the prompt worked for your story. I have’t done a Picture it and Write for a while. I can’t find enough time for many ff challenges now. I just do PJ’s now, when I can. I missed last week because of out internet failure. i missed everything else all week, too, and have been trying to catch up a bit tis week. 🙂


        1. I also had a two weeks of looking after my friends dogs and no writing. Dis not have WIFI there. It was good to have a break away from the PC. Catching up is “hard work” there are so many things you want to say and comment on. It just stresses me out. I just ignored some of the posts. Even the writing promps kept on coming up, also had to calm myself down. It must be a pleasure not nerve breaking event. Have to say: that’s how I wear myself out by never stopping.

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          1. That’s all so true! I’m glad I’m not the only one who stresses about not commenting for days. Blogging should be a pleasure and we shouldn’t feel guilty if other things in life stop us posting or commenting for a while. Thank you for that, Scrapydo.


            1. Seems we really have a lot in common! Life still goes on although sometimes there are not enough hours in a day. LOL 🙂

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              1. Definitely not enough hours… especially as we get older. Time suddenly becomes important. I’m starting to think in terms of years now – and that’s downright depressing! 🙂


                1. Sounds familiar. Months pass in a wink. I still keep an eye on my watch which isn’t good also. In winter time flies because of less hours sunlight

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                  1. Yes, I hate winter for that. It’s not so much the cold that bothers me as the short days. When it’s dark by 4pm I really hate it! Summer is lovely when it’s light until 10 o’ clock.

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