Snow on the hill tops.

I have been looking after a friend’s dogs for 10 days now.

Her husband had a stroke and is still in the stroke ward.

Today my friend got the good news and her husband was moved to rehab ward.

She may now take the dogs with her and visit her husband.

I took the following photos in town from my friend’s front pavement.

We had a good dust of snow last night and during the day too.

This was just after 3 pm when the sun shone on the hills.


Sorry for all the power lines!

13 responses to “Snow on the hill tops.”

  1. sterkte met die koue weer!


    1. Dankie, dit moet ook maar so wees. Gelukkig nog nie rerig gesneeu hier in die laagte nie!


  2. Sterkte vir die koue. Kan jy die berge van jou huisie ook sien


    1. Nee, daar is so heuwelagtigheid rondom my. Hul is bietjie laer as die wat ek geneem het. Daar gaan heel moontlik wel sneeutjie kom so voorspel hul. Was nounet uit en dit is sulke ys druppeltjies.

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        1. Beslis! Hul sê dit gaan beter word vandag. Wat dit ookal beteken

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          1. Ja wat ons hou duime vas.

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  3. Brrr..lyk koud!Mooi foto’s.


    1. Is nogal ekstra ysig, veral as die suidewind waai wat die koue saambring v Suidpool.

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  4. No worries… I also have power lines in most of my cloud photography. 🙂


    1. Not good at all but that is civilization!

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      1. In Singapore, all of their power lines, cable, and telephone wires are all in the underground. It’s a country where there are no wired photobombers . 🙂


        1. Some newer built parts also don’t have the overhead lines hanging around. 😀

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