Freedom? Sunday Photo Fiction – July 12, 2015

The photo for this week:

Tower Bridge, London

Tower Bridge, London


The prisoner was praying for a low high tide.

He was accused of being part of a gang of highly active witchcrafters. After years of investigation by detectives and the police he was caught yesterday. The court was packed with shouting and demonstrating people. They were all thrown out of court after a bit of a brawl. The judge did not listen to him when he explained it was not him. The judge just said: “Into the dungeon with him till he drowns to death!”

Here he was, looking over the rising water of the river Thames. Looking at the London bridge, near which he had slept and lived many years. The water was rising more and more. Soon his cell would be overflown. He knew there was no way out. The tide had to be high twice before they would come and look if he was dead.



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20 thoughts on “Freedom? Sunday Photo Fiction – July 12, 2015”

    1. Horrible indeed. When we stood in the prison part and the guide told us how the prisoners were killed gave me goosebumps!

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        1. Yes just think how afraid those prisoners were. Same as your writing about those offerings to the gods they had to obey.

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          1. Yes, life in the past always seems so unjust, but at the time they acted according to their beliefs. I suppose criminals would be seen as scum and deserved those awful punishments.


              1. Human nature doesn’t change, does it. I suppose there will always be murders. Perhaps there just seem more nowadays becaue the population is far greater and more crimes are reported than they were in the past. Who kmows…

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  1. And the Bloody Tower gains another victim. Great story, and it shows why the full story should be heard, and not just having a scapegoat.


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