Lonely flight: Mondays Finish the Story, July 13, 2015

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© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Today we thank Martin Furman for creating today’s opening line! Please check out his amazing site!

Finish the story begins with: “Delphine always wanted to pilot her father’s plane and when he forgot his keys on her tenth birthday, she knew that taking off would be easy.”

She picked up the keys. Turned it around in her small hand.

Suddenly she heard her father and uncle talking outside the hanger. “Quick!” she thought: “Into my secret hiding place!” She sat quietly waiting for the two men to walk away.

Delphine started to imagine how she would handle the plane. She closed her eyes, saw herself entering the plane. Ready for take off! The engines softly buzzing, while the propeller turned faster and faster. The plane started moving. Down the runway and – take off. Up, up in the blue sky. She was feeling free as a bird.

“ Delphine, what are you doing? Are you dreaming? Why do you have that smile on your face?”

“Oh Dad I had the most wonderful adventure. I flew away, on my own, in your plane”

The keys were still safely hidden in her hand.

Mondays Finish the Story

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19 responses to “Lonely flight: Mondays Finish the Story, July 13, 2015”

  1. Nicely done! One correction if I may – The title of your post indicates 2013 instead of 2015. 🙂 Thanks for another well written story for the MFtS challenge and be well… ^..^


    • Dankie man, bly jy geniet dit. Ek kan self nie glo dat ek sulke dinge sommer uitdink nie(vat natuurlik n dag of twee om die idees uit te dink!)


  2. I’m glad it was a dream rather than Delphine actually taking the plane up. I love the phrase ‘she was feeling free a a bird.’ It presents a lovely image. How nice to have such daydreams. Lovely story. 🙂


    • Thanks for your inspiring comment, makes feel that I’m getting into the fiction story thing! I know what it is like to daydream I think that’s why I sometimes really feel the story!

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