Delicate in flight: FFfAW Week 07-15-2015

Thank you Sonya O. for our photo prompt this week

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Delicate in flight

Looking into his empty whisky glass his eyes filled with sorrow.

Big tears started rolling down his weathered  cheeks. He felt so miserable. Everything turned out so happy and well. He stared at the two ice cubes in his glass, melting away of the summer heat.

In his mind he could see his lovely wife. She was his everything until two years ago.

She started to fade away. Her illness made her very fragile. The last thing she asked of him was to take her to the ice sculpting exhibition.  She was so happy that day.

One of the artists asked if he could make an ice statue of her as he sees her. The artist made the most wonderful swan starting to fly away. She was ecstatic seeing the result.

She sat down put her arms around her husband and flew away just like the ice swan.

Word count 151

13 responses to “Delicate in flight: FFfAW Week 07-15-2015”

  1. Ag en daar kry ek sommer koue rillings. Dit is pragtig bymekaar uitgebring… die vrou en die swaan.


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