Something fishy. Picture it and write

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Original image found at The Design Work.

Original image found at The Design Work.

Something fishy.

“Grandma! Mum! Dad! Where are you?” Sally was very excited. She had to find her parents and grandma. “Ooooo I have a wonderful surprise for them,” she thought.

Grandpa took Sally fishing early that morning. Sally caught two fish. She and grandpa prepared a surprise for grandma and her parents.

It was now time for the surprise. The three people Sally was looking for were in the sitting room  watching the news.

“Why are you shouting? We can hear you! What is wrong?” Grandma asked.

“Come with me all three of you. I have a surprise in the kitchen,” Sally eagerly answered.

All three  got up and followed Sally into the kitchen.

Grandma was the first one to react on the decoration on the table! She just said: “I can’t believe it…” and fainted on the spot! Mum and dad gasped. This was a good one Sally!

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