Blinking lights. Sunday Photo Fiction – August 09, 2015

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using around 200 words.

Docked sail cruise ship at night

Docked sail cruise ship at night


Those were the days! Seeing the blinking lights of the cruise ship, anchored in the harbour, brought romantic thoughts back.

Livy and George were sitting outside the cafe having an ice cold soft drink. They looked at the ship and then at each other. They had stars in their eyes.

Five years ago they went off on their honeymoon on the same ship. They remembered how much in love they were. Everything was perfect till that awful night. The wind came up and huge waves lashed the boat. Livy was thrown overboard and George went after her. Lucky for both of them the waves pushed them out on the shore. They were picked up by a rescue helicopter the next morning.

Now while they were watching the ship they remembered again. How wonderful their life was. Their first child was born nine months after the accident. A healthy little boy.

The happy pair expect their second child in a weeks time. It is going to be a girl! If everything goes well the baby will be born on the day they were washed overboard.

187 words.

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26 responses to “Blinking lights. Sunday Photo Fiction – August 09, 2015”

  1. Now that is an adventure and a half. Not the most desirable of situations to find oneself in, but definitely one to tell the children.


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