Sparkling night sky : Picture it and write 67

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Creative Writing Exercise: Stardust

The  3 hikers were tired and felt lost. They did not know where they were. The sky was dark, they could only see a shimmering of stars through the tree tops. They kept on walking.

Suddenly there was an opening and they stood on the edge of a high cliff overlooking a valley.

What a magnificent sight enfolded in front of the them. At first they could not speak.

“I can’t believe what I see,” said one.

“It looks like someone is floating up into the night sky. Covered in a coat of sparkling diamonds and soft fluffy wool.” “ Impossible it can’t be,” said another one.

It was the place from where the Vampire tribe sent their members to explore the universe. The hikers  were nearly home. They only had to send the message and the messengers would  pick them up. At last!

Word count 147


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9 responses to “Sparkling night sky : Picture it and write 67”

  1. It seems we’re in for an invasion by vampires. Perish the thought. I like the description of what looked like a person floating up into the sky ‘in a coat of diamonds and soft, fluffy wool’. A nice, vivid image. So the three hikers were members of the Vampire tribe! Just when I was thinking they were about to alert the authorities to the vampire presence…


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