Time is up. Sunday Photo Fiction – August 23, 2015


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An intricate looking wristwatch

An intricate looking wristwatch

Time is up!

Looking at the watch, frightened Gordon out of his shoes!

Gordon walked down the busy Main Street of the big city. He looked for a place to  have a cup of coffee. Suddenly a hand with the strangest watch appeared from behind. In the meantime a hand closed around his elbow. He was pushed to the side of the pavement.

‘Don’t make a sound or try to run!’ an icy voice whispered.

‘Take this watch, as soon as the long arm reaches ten past two throw it away as far as you can! Don’t hesitate, just do it!’

Gordon stood perplexed and still. Watch in hand, the stranger gone.

Suddenly a taxi came veering right up to him. He jumped right out of his shoes avoiding been driven over. The watch flew out of his hand and smashed to pieces against the shop wall.

Phew that was close!

(Word count: 158)

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