100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups no 164


the prompt is:

… Noah looked worried…

Noah the the champion axe man. Ball of muscles and strong as an ox. He was used to winning. He loved winning.

Tomorrow would be the last year he could compete in the championships. Reading the newspaper made Noah think about his life.

The heading read:     Noah junior is better than his father!

… Noah looked worried…

How could they predict that? Did he really look like giving up his act ?

Tomorrow would be the make or break of his victories of the past years. He would not let go easily. Victory would be sweet.


Author: scrapydo2.wordpress.com

Retired teacher interested in anything crafty: Scrap booking, card making, quilting, knitting etc. Everything about animals especially DOGS

3 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups no 164”

  1. Ongemaklikheidjie… vrees wat baie pa’s seker het… as die seun hom begin verby gaan… en eintlik is dit iets om so trots op te wees!
    Mooi geskryf


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