Saved : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. 08/25/2015 week 28

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Dawn M. Miller provided the photo prompt.

My story:

The group of campers stood in awe, while listening to the quavering sound rolling nearer.

It had been a lovely warm long week-end. The group of friends decided to camp for the weekend near the creek. Across the creek was a modern train bridge.

The rolling noise came from behind the bridge. They could not decide if it was a train coming or something else. They could not place the sound. What could it be?

Suddenly they heard the train rolling past. The train gone, the real rumbling went on.  It came from falling and moving rocks.

It was an earthquake. Where were they going to hide? The earth moved under them and away, without the falling rocks reaching them.

They were so lucky. The bridge broke in front of them and stopped the rubble from moving over them.

The newspaper heading read: Campers saved by falling bridge.

Thanks to pricelessjoy for hosting these lovely challenges.

24 thoughts on “Saved : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. 08/25/2015 week 28

  1. A real piece of drama this week, Scrapydo. I’ve never actually witnessed an earthquake – apart from on film – but I know they’re terrifying things. Nature can certainly throw such disasters at us – in some countries more than others. You created their feeling of dread very well. I just hope their was no traffic on the bridge as it collapsed.


    1. Earth quakes are shockers! Earth really rises up under you and moves on. Sound and trembles can also be heard and felt from afar. One day when we had heavy shakes I sat in my passage at home with Trompie in in my arms praying aloud for the shakes to stop. Lucky in my story the train had passed just before!

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        1. Yes, some of the Kiwis(New Zealanders) take it without being afraid! I think deep inside they still fear it. My home is a brick building, it does not move around that much. My son has a wooden house and built on stilts. It moves and shakes a lot. It must be like that. There has to be space for movement when the earth shakes.

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          1. Yes, I’ve read about the building designs in earthquake prone regions. I imagine most new buildings where you are follow those designs nowadays.


                  1. I bet you are glad to be away from all that, though I’m sure you miss your homeland, as most of us would. I know how much you want to get back for a visit – and how my post about kapok trees made you think of home. New Zealand sounds a great place to be – apart from the earthquakes, of course.


                    1. Every country has its own good and bad things. I made wonderful friends here already. Positive thinking makes life worth living in a new country at an old age. I do love it here.


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