Roots in the desert : Picture it & Write no 69

Roots in the desert?

Original image found here:

Original image found here:

My story

Impossible, this could not be real Luke thought.

Traveling the Namib desert brought a lot of bad luck to the group of tourists.

They used a rented camper van to tour the desert.

First bad luck, the camper van  had a flat tyre. Lucky the spare tyre was all pumped and good to go.

Next the engine overheated. They were deep in the desert, no reception.

Luke decided to climb the nearest dune. Climbing the dune wasn’t easy. At the top Luke fell flat on his tummy, exhausted.

When he opened his eyes he saw this huge foot. It looked like the foot of a big bird.

“Only one foot! Where was the other one?” he thought. Squinting up, not a bird at all. It was a dinosaur.

“What now? Run won’t help. Lying still might help, but for how long?” Luke was in a flat spin.

The dinosaur’s beak picked Luke up and dropped him next to the camper van.

“Wake up Luke, we have to move on if we want to be back in Solitaire.”

Luke woke up with a jolt. Off they went on the next leg of their trip.

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17 responses to “Roots in the desert : Picture it & Write no 69”

      • I agree, it does look like a chicken’s foot and I really liked how you made it a dinosaur’s. Do you know, I really liked this prompt and have been looking at it all week. I haven’t done Picture it and Write for a while. But I hadn’t time, which is a shame. As for Book 3, it’s coming along now, although I will have to do much less on WP very soon. We’re off to Malta for eight days next Friday, and when I come back it will be full steam ahead on my book. I have lots of historical posts to write up from places we’ve visited this year to keep my blog ticking over, and I’ll try to visit people’s posts as much as I can. But flash fiction will have to go. The trouble is, I get tempted by the prompts. 🙂


        • I am the same with the prompts. First thing I have a look at the photos then it start turning in my head. I try to start of early but never come to writing so soon. On Thursdays I just force myself to sit down and start writing. I am hosting an Afrikaans challenge. It changes on Thursday’s so I need to put it together. It takes me a whole morning to complete.
          You must enjoy your visit to Malta.


    • Beslis, dit het my laat dink toe ons bus oorverhit het en ons bestuurder vergeet het om ons middagete in te pak. Gelukkig was die water darem daar. Ons het eers na sononder in Walvisbaai gekom op einde. Daar kom mos niemand verby nie.

      Liked by 1 person

        • Ja, dit was net voor die afdraai na Solitaire. Bestuurder moes besluit om af te draai of aan te ry. Op end het ons gery, oorverhit, gewag om af te koel en weer stadig verdr gery. Dit was ook ongelooflik warm gewees. Dis egter alles deel van die avontuur. Ons volgende uitstappie Etosha toe het bus se wiel iets oorgekom. Ander bus gekry. Net voor Etosha weer wielprobleme. Ha ha, was n hele storie


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