On the road! Sunday Photo Fiction – September 6th 2015

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On the road!

“Wow, here comes a truck!” Sarah lifted her skirt up, showing her well shaped tanned leg.

Sarah needed to hurry up and get herself a ride to the next town.

“I just have to keep on flashing my legs,” she thought.”I really need to get a ride soon. My fiance won’t wait if I am not there on time.”

The big truck stopped next to Sarah in a cloud of dust. Out jumped the well-built, good looking young driver.

“Hello, gorgeous! You wanna lift? Where you wanna go?”

He opened the truck’s door.

Sarah started to explain: “I’m on my way  …..”

The truck driver grabbed her and pushed her onto the front seat. A pair of other hands pulled her inside. In a state of shock Sarah thought:”What are they going to do to me? I never should have flashed my legs!”

Too late girly!


Thanks for reading!

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14 responses to “On the road! Sunday Photo Fiction – September 6th 2015”

  1. Whoops. A little too late to think of that. The dangers of hitch-hiking.

    I did notice a couple of typos – you spelled Sarah wrong a couple of times. It’s what I do as well when I am typing quickly 😉


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