Wordless Wednesday : Pumpkins


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Wordless Wednesday

14 responses to “Wordless Wednesday : Pumpkins”

  1. Lovely photos. I like the contrasting colours of the pumpkins and the way you’ve arranged them. Pumpkin season is just starting in the UK now, just in time for Halloween in a month’s time.


    1. Thanks! Here it’s time to plant again.


      1. Lovely spring! Still, here we are heading into autumn, which I love, too.


        1. We did not feel much of spring weather wise. Was miserable rainy and cold up till now. Today was the first sunny day in three weeks


    1. Thank you, he is my special Buddy!


  2. What a nice line-up of pumpkins. Tis the season. I LOVE your dog. My fav. dog growing up was our mini schnauzer Pepper. I miss that sweet dog.


    1. Thanks for your kind words. I always had a mini Schnauzer since 1980. Can’t live without one! This one is like my child . He knows how I feel and it comes out through him.


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