25 thoughts on “Coming soon: My first ebook

      1. I hope it works out well for you. You must have a lot of stories, so are you putting them all into the book? And have you included illustrations as well? It must be exciting for you t be almost finished!


        1. I only included the writing. It is a different way to use pictures and photos. I want to do one also in Afrikaans using my photos and my photo course examples . As you know yourself, the last hurdle is usually the highest one.


  1. Baie, baie geluk Ineke en alles van die beste vorentoe. Ek is mal oor die voorblad. Die dierbaarste gesiggie ooit! 😀


  2. Ek hou van die voorblad 🙂
    Jy het voorwaar deursettingsvermoë. Sterkte vir pad vorentoe!!!


  3. Ek hou van die boek se voorkantprent. Dit trek dadelik aandag. Miskien moet jy net nog bietjie rondspeel met die Font op die voorkant. Bietjie afwissel .. ? Of wou jy dit dieselfde gehou het?


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