Brute force : Picture it and write – 71.


Rover thought: “ Those humans think they know what brute force is! I’ll show them something today.”

Rover was a placid loving black dog. He loved to run around chasing birds and sometimes stray cats too. His master liked to take him out for long walks. Rover hated one thing. He hated it when his master grabbed a stick and shouted at him: Fetch Rover, fetch. Then the next command: Bring Rover Bring.

One day Rover’s master was lazy. He stayed on the veranda and threw the stick.

Rover thought : Grrr I hate this.  He charged after the stick. Grabbed it and ran back. Running up the stairs Rover got caught by the rails.  He tried to force his way up with no avail. The more Rover growled the less he could go forward. He was so angry that suddenly pushed so hard  the stick snapped and he could reach the top. Wagging his tail Rover threw both pieces in front of his master.

167 words




Retired teacher interested in anything crafty: Scrap booking, card making, quilting, knitting etc. Everything about animals especially DOGS

15 thoughts on “Brute force : Picture it and write – 71.”

  1. Though I often wonder what’s going on in my cat’s head, I’ve never considered that a dog may not enjoy fetch. In my experience, they either enjoy it or ignore you. Interesting food for thought.


  2. My Mum throws sticks for me to ‘fetch’ too. I Never do what she asks – it’s much more fun to run away with the stick and have her chase me around the garden. That makes me laugh and laugh 😀


    1. I don’t fetch sticks. I’ve got two balls, a big and a small one. I’ll also run away with it. Then I have a special toy dog! Love to shake it and mum and I usually play tug of war with it . Then mum will grab it and run away. I’ll chase her when she starts running away. (remember she is 70 next year and still fast as a “blits”) 🙂

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