FFfAW – Week of 09-22-2015 Challenge 32

Lonely artist

 Amy could not find her good friend. They had an appointment to meet at the swimming pool for a cup of tea. Amy was very worried about the way her friend, Sue, was reacting after her accident. Sue could, at times, not remember anything that had happened to her.

After waiting  fifteen minutes without Sue turning up Amy went off looking for her friend. She had a look at all their usual meeting places.

At last Amy went out in the garden. Reaching the rose garden, she could hear a soft humming. Opening up the foliage Amy saw Sue with her easel and paints happily painting and singing her favourite hymn. Between the soft singing she was also talking to herself.

“Sue, I was worried about you. What are you painting?”

“Here is my mother, between her roses,” replied Sue.

Amy only shook her head in disbelieve, there were only blotches of paint on the canvas. All Sue’s painting skills were also lost.

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28 responses to “FFfAW – Week of 09-22-2015 Challenge 32”

  1. A loving and caring friend who recognized her friend had lost so much yet was wise to keep it to herself.
    A beautiful story about how life can change and we must still go on. Nicely done ….!!!!
    Isadora 😎


  2. Her painting skills had been limited, but not her imagination. I’d think that would and does matter most to Sue. Life is fairly abstract anyway – if you ask me.

    I’m glad I checked back and found your piece, Scrapy.


  3. It’s good that she was found safe, but really sad that she has lost her artistic abilities, however, if she is unaware of this, she will still be happy and that’s the most important thing. Nice story.


  4. Accidents can destroy a person in other ways besides physically. How sad that Sue’s mind was damaged, and all her artistic talent lost. Lovely, poignant little story, Ineke.


  5. So sad what the accident did to her mind and artistic ability. At least she isn’t aware of it. To her, everything is just as it was. Great story Scrapydo2!


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