Preview of my e-book

I have uploaded my book on Amazone yesterday. Fingers crossed that I’ve clicked the right boxes.


The name of the book says : Flash Fiction.

The thirty four stories are all not more than 200 words and not less than 100 words.

The collection is like a  fruitcake or Christmas pudding.

When baking a cake you need ingredients to make it tasty.

My book has the following tasty bits in it:

Flash: stands for the liquid you need to stick it together.

Fiction: is the flour that forms the base ingredient.  

The rest is the fruity mixture of all the stories.

Each story tastes different.

Mixing all the ingredients gives me a yummy tasting piece of writing.

Some of the mixed piece are

Adventurous:  As in Shipwreck or  Diamond Jack who is an escaped convict

Fantasy : finding dragons and fairies

Mystery:  The writing on the wall and bit of suspense too

Drama : A cat that got scared or Lights over the vineyard where Sonny wakes up after a night of drinking.

A little bit of Romance too: Winking blinking lights and a happy couple

I hope to have something that tastes just right and delicious to you!


17 thoughts on “Preview of my e-book

    1. Did not think about putting it in a post! I did everything myself. It cost me nothing! I used friends from Time Bank to proofread it and the rest is all my own work. I did of lot of reading about how to do it. I started off with using Publishing E-Books for Dummiies. I also bought e-books on how to publish on Amazon too. My cover is one of my own photos too.(Have to say I am tired at the moment of all the work I had to put into it!) I’ll help you when you are ready one day.

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