31 days of five minutes Free Writing: Day 2: Excitement

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Friday five minute free write

I started writing Flash Fiction in January. After writing many of these short pieces I decided to try my hand at putting them together into an e-book. The construction and putting it together was not an easy task. At first I had to ask some Tim Bank friends to proofread the pieces. They helped me immensely. My english isn’t that good at times because it is not my home tongue.

I did a lot of reading on how to publish an e-book. The changing of font, spaces ,headings were all new things to me. Formatting the whole book was a big job. I even did my own cover.

Well, I am proud of myself.

My book went live on October 1 and I have already sold one copy .

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I am new to FMFW:     How it works:

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Every Thursday a one-word prompt will be announced here on my blog at 10pm EST (and continuing through Friday).

Oh, and before the prompt is revealed, many of us like to connect on Thursday evenings on Twitter at the hashtag #fmfparty.  Come join us and chat all things writing, chocolate and cupcakes!

Author: scrapydo2.wordpress.com

Retired teacher interested in anything crafty: Scrap booking, card making, quilting, knitting etc. Everything about animals especially DOGS

19 thoughts on “31 days of five minutes Free Writing: Day 2: Excitement”

      1. Thank you! Have you considered making the book available on Kindle Unlimited? Then it would be free for people to download for people who have subscribed to KU, you’d still get some royalties, and more people might see/review it?


              1. Hi, as far as I can see, if a book is entered in Kindle Select, that will also make it available for Kindle Unlimited. But I realise that Kindle Select wouldn’t be everyone’s choice as I believe it means you can only sell it via Amazon. Hope that helps. Kindle Select is a setting that you choose on your KDP dashboard when you upload or amend a previously uploaded book.


                1. Thanks for coming back to me again I really appreciate it. I also had a look and saw that under select it is free in the library for prime. I picked select and 35% royalty because it can go to most countries. It is also only 90 days and then I can change it.


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