Day 3 : Capture 31 days of FMFW

31 Days logo - 2015

Day 3


To be a photographer you need an eye for anything that would look good in a photo. Capturing the perfect picture is important. If you move or shake to much you won’t capture a perfect photo.

The best time to get the best photos is during the golden hour. Early mornings just before or at sunrise or in the afternoon before the sun sets or just after it.

It is as if the photo has a soft golden look if you capture it at the right time.

Something important to remember when photographing animals and people is in the act. Capturing in the act situations is worth a life time.



Retired teacher interested in anything crafty: Scrap booking, card making, quilting, knitting etc. Everything about animals especially DOGS

20 thoughts on “Day 3 : Capture 31 days of FMFW”

  1. Absolutely beautiful phots!The colours are amazing. I love the phrase, ‘the golden hour’. It suits those times so well. I hope Trompie has recovered from his operation by now. 🙂


      1. At least the future looks good for Trompie. That must be such a relief off your mind. (Just bought your book! I’ll have a read once I’ve finished reading Heena’s – the person who hosts the WOW challenge.) 🙂


          1. Heena’s book isn’t published yet. She’s sent me an epub file to read before she sends it off to a publisher. She hopes to send it off by October 15th. It’s good to support each other wherever we can. I’m very grateful to you for reading and reviewing mine! 🙂


              1. Yes, I try to do the same. I’ve bought a couple of fellow-bloggers’ books recently and I’m waiting for another Australian writer to publish hers (a fantasy) at the moment. She’s been far more sensible than me and hardly been on WP for months while she got on with her book. I can see me doing that very soon. I don’t want to, because I enjoy blogging, but what can you do?


                  1. You’re so right. I do love to read, and I’d spend most of my time doing it, it I let myself. I have to read every night before I nod off because it’s the only thing that relaxes me.


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