Day 4 : EMBRACE 31 days FMFW

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Day 4.


Embrace the moment it is precious. This morning I had to go to my son and daughter-in-law to get some information ready. I am starting to help with distributing my son’s small business components. I walked with my dog Trompie to their home. It is about 35 minutes walk from my place. I embraced the opportunity to still walk that far. The wind was blowing about 130 km p hour. It was half  an hour to remember, wind, Trompie pulling, my hip hurting – still it was wonderful to can walk.

I also embraced the time I could be together with my children. We also went out yesterday afternoon to celebrate my ebook and the first one sold.

It is important to gather all these moments and embrace them for days to come.

18 responses to “Day 4 : EMBRACE 31 days FMFW”

  1. I’m glad I read this, Ineke, because I was about to ask you whether you’d published your book yet. Now I know. Many congratulations! When we get back home later on (we’re just going out for the day) I’ll go onto Amazon an buy a copy. I imagine it will be on the Amazon UK site.Take care of that hip – it sounds painful. 🙂


    • Thanks I feel so proud of myself. I did everything myself. Only proofreading was done by dear friends. I still need to change the front page a bit. This hip is more something coming from my lower back. I just need to rest and give it time to heal again. 🙂

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  2. Hi Scrapy! Congrats on your e-book. I’m afraid I’m far behind, I didn’t know you have a book out. What is it about and from where to purchase?


    • Thanks, it was hard work and time consuming to get it published. It is fiction. I picked 34 of my flash fiction short pieces I have written on my blog. This is only book 1 I have enough written to do at least two more e-books. It is on Amazon I am not happy with the way my first page looks. I am going to make some changes there. I did the cover myself, own photo too!


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