Day 5 : HOME ;: 31 days of FMFW

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Day 5


Home is where my heart is.

I love my own place. It has everything I need to keep me happy. I never was an outgoing person. My Home was always since I can remember the best place to be. My best home was after my wedding in 1980 to live in a “park home”. It was small but still big enough to have three bedrooms, bathroom and open plan kitchen lounge.  It was also fully furnished. We had to store all my belongings from my flat in the two empty bedrooms. The door was so small to get the furniture in we had to use the window which was a bit wider!

Today I have only basic things in my unit. They are all second hand. New furniture is to expensive. I still love my own home best, no matter how it looks.

It is my safe haven and I enjoy every moment being here.  



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20 thoughts on “Day 5 : HOME ;: 31 days of FMFW

  1. Hulle sê nie verniet “home is where the heart is,” nie. My droom was altyd ‘n klein cozy huis….. nou het ons die voëlnes, en Ken blameer my daarvoor 🙂 Sê die Here gee my mos altyd my hartsbegeerte, en ek het hiervoor gevra.


                  1. I guess watching their listings and waiting for a schnauzie will happen in good time. Rescue dogs have a way if finding you. I’ll ask Angela G on fbook schnauzer SEQ if she knows of any more individuals or groups over your way. She comes from Hamilton NZ


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